Finally, the Proven Step-By-Step Plan to Break Your Fat Loss Plateau and Melt 15 Pounds of Belly Fat in 21 Days…

…Plus 10 Reasons Your Workouts Are STOPPING You From
Getting A Flatter Stomach and More Defined Abs

By Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT
Exercise Physiologist, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer

I can’t believe it!

bored-girl-on-treadmillDespite living in New York City, a hot bed for personal trainers, boutique fitness studios, and big box gyms, I still see misinformed trainers taking their clients through boring, outdated workouts that will NEVER deliver sexy, six-pack abs.

Worst is that these trusting clients pay upwards of $300/hour of their hard-earned money for workouts that aren’t delivering results.

I feel sorry for them!

But trust me, if it’s happening here in NYC, it’s happening where YOU are, too.


Because of the BS served up by mass media.

You see, with their endless late night infomercial gadgets, “miracle” pill supplements, and questionable detox cleanses, getting flat abs has become downright unattainable.

Add it all up, and you have a recipe for confusion, frustration, and a nation predominantly overweight.

But I want to help you.

So with these 10 “underground” abdominal training secrets I’m about to share, you’ll learn exactly what you should and should NOT being doing to accelerate fat loss and finally get your abs defined – all while training LESS.

By the way, you’ll also discover the absolute “minimum dosage” of exercise to lose fat. Because I’m a Scientist and I work with the busiest of New York executives, I had to formulate a system that works because if I didn’t… I’d be out of a job.

New York is a competitive market for training, yet my schedule is packed (I’m no longer taking private clients).

I’m warning you right now… some of the tips you’re about to read (if not all of them) will surprise you. These tips for getting a flatter stomach go against much of what you read about in mainstream magazines or hear from the trainers at your local gym.

But here’s the thing, I’ve spent years researching and testing what actually works when it comes to six-pack training – not just on myself, but with my billionaire clients – and I guarantee that if you’re doing ANY of the 10 things listed below, you’re NOT burning fat and building lean, sexy muscle as fast as you can.

Okay, let’s get to it…

1. You’re STILL doing crunches and sit-ups

You probably know the story. There are articles everywhere about the dangers of crunches and the risk of injury to your lower back. Perhaps you have read these too.

Yet, every time I go to the gym I see people doing endless crunches and sit-ups with horrible form. Isn’t this shocking? I apologize if you’ve heard this before. But clearly, this is a very important point to bring up. AGAIN.

And believe it or not, doing crunches and sit up are not only a waste of time, but extremely dangerous for your lower back.

The expert research on this topic speaks for itself. Dr. Stuart McGill is a smart professor at the University of Waterloo, and his findings suggest that spinal flexion (like when you do crunches) could seriously damage your lower back.

The Shocking Study Revealed Crunches Can Damage Your Back

McGill discovered that crunches and traditional sit-ups place 3,300 Newtons (the equivalent of 340 kg!) of compressive force on the spine when bent in flexion. These forces can squeeze the discs in your back to the point that it bulges. This presses on nerves and you guessed it, will cause back pain and potentially lead to a herniated disc.

(1) Callaghan JP, McGill SM. (2001). Intervertebral disc herniation: studies on a porcine model exposed to highly repetitive flexion/extension motion with compressive force. Clinical Biomechanics, 16, 28-37

Don’t mess with your discs.

Like I said, just because your back feels OK doing crunches now doesn’t mean it will be fine in the future. Repeated stresses like this damage your back and one day – bam – it will hit you.

Now you can see why trying to get a flat stomach from crunches is really a waste of time and could damage your back if you’re not careful.

Scary, right?

2. You train for endurance NOT strength

marathoner-vs-sprinter-femaleYou’ve seen the image of a sprinter vs. marathoner. And honestly, I don’t know anyone who’s dream body reflects the scrawny, gaunt marathoner.

But most people are training like a marathoner – without even realizing it. They are doing hundreds, if not thousands of reps of the same ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups, plus long cardio workouts.

These exercises are great for muscular endurance, NOT for building muscle strength.

Just like other muscles in your body, you need to focus on building strong abdominals.

So instead of doing more reps in your workouts, you need to progress the exercise to challenge yourself. For example, once you master lying leg raises, try doing a Hanging Knee Raises, Ab Wheel Rollouts or another unique variation I’ll show you later in this article.

3. You spend hours a week doing cardio

In fact, your friends joke that “cardio” is your middle name… You spend up to 60 minutes sweating it out. Everyday. Single. Day.
Let’s just admit. It’s miserable. And it’s STILL not working.

Another misleading lie people have been lead to believe is long cardio sessions will help you get a flat, sexy stomach. Cardio in the “fat-burning zone” is a total waste of time when you want to the maximum number of calories in the least amount of time possible.

cardioTry interval training. I was personally involved with a breakthrough fat loss research study at UNSW, proving interval training is more effective for reducing belly fat.

Subjects who did 40 minutes of slow cardio three times per week for 15 weeks didn’t lose a single inch of stomach fat. Shocking.

However, doing ONLY 20 minutes of interval training, three times a week helped subjects reduced their belly fat (and flattened their thighs.

(Reference: Trapp, E.G., Chisholm, D.J., Freund, J., Boutcher, S.H. (2008). The effects of high-intensity intermittent exercise training on fat loss and fasting insulin levels of young women. International Journal of Obesity. 32(4):684–691.)

But be careful of the trendy, celebrity workout plans that tout you’ll stay in the “fat burning zone” and still lose weight. It’s just another flat stomach LIE and fitness MYTH.

In fact, you can cut your workout time in HALF without stepping foot on a treadmill. You just have to be “smart” about it by using the unique training method I’ll show you below.

4. The Machines… LIE!

If the first three reasons didn’t surprise you, this one surely will.

In case you didn’t know, it has been discovered that common gym machines OVERESTIMATE the number of calories you burn. That’s right. They LIE to you.

A recent study named the elliptical as the least accurate when it comes to calorie counting, and most machines overestimate calorie burn by a whopping 42%!

Treadmill: Overestimated calories burnt by 13%
Stationary Bike: Overestimated calories burnt by 7%
Stair Climber: Overestimated calories burnt by 12%
Elliptical: Overestimated calories burnt by 42%

Reference: The University of California at San Francisco’s Human Performance Center

So even though cardio exercise is considered healthy, the number of calories burned can be misleading. While you thought you burned enough calories to negate that muffin, in reality, you didn’t even come close.

5. Spot Reduction is a Myth

To get flat, sexy abs, you need to burn the layer of fat off your stomach first. But exercises targeting your stomach will not do the trick. I’m afraid it’s not so simple, or every person I saw doing crunches would get results.

The problem is, you can’t spot reduce. This means you can’t choose where you lose fat off your body. It’s more important to focus on burning total body fat.

As long as you replace your cardio and crunch workouts with a combination of high intensity intervals, metabolic resistance training, and ab targeted circuits; you can boost your metabolism so you continue burning calories long after your workout finishes.

6. You train your abs every single day

Even though it was traditionally thought MORE exercise is considered BETTER, it is completely unnecessary to train your abdominals every day.

Listen, would you train other muscle groups – like your legs – every single day?

Of course not. Your abdominals are just like any other muscle in your body. So there’s no need to train your abs this way too. Keep it to 3-4 times per week.

Which brings me to the next point.

7. Your ab workouts are too long

tumblr_mfziq4br4J1r3czd7o1_500Stop and think for a moment. How long do you spend doing abs?

Your ab workouts should take 5-10 minutes, on top of a total body strength training session or off-day conditioning workout. Keep your rest breaks short, and focus on exercise progression.

It’s unnecessary to do “abs workout classes” or even spend a whole 30 minute workout doing only abdominal exercises, especially if you’re looking to jump start your fat loss.

8. You only move through one plane of motion

body-planesYou may not know this, but your abdominal area is made up of smaller deep muscles and the larger muscles that maintain spinal control and pelvic balance. Plus, internal and external obliques, and major back muscles.

Listen, your abs includes more muscles than just the top layer you see in the mirror.

The idea is to train your abdominals in three dimensions to support its main roles: stabilization, rotation, resisting movement and lending support simultaneously.

Crunches may directly target your abs, but you only isolate a few muscle groups through one plane of motion.

You need to train ALL muscles in your stomach and lower back, through multiple planes of motion.

So add exercises like core rotations or diagonal wood chops to your routine and feel the difference. I’ll show you a few more powerful unique moves in a moment.

9. Your ab workout is always the same

Albert Einstein defined insanity as: “Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Everyone has favorite ab exercises. But sadly, they are usually the least challenging. That’s just human nature. So it’s not your fault.

Why not spend your time doing something that actually works? You need to progress and change your ab exercises every month.

10. Your rest breaks are too long

Yes. You are resting for too long. You need to hustle.

Ideally, your rest breaks should be no longer than 30 seconds when training for fast results. It’s tough, but using a GymBoss Interval timer (or your Smartphone) will stop you from cheating or slacking off.

Without any control over your rest breaks, your workout can become just like happy hour.

The name of the game is higher intensity, less rest, and short workouts.

You need strategic rest, to keep your fat-burning hormones switched “ON” to get rapid results. Believe it or not, you don’t even need to workout every single day.

Why am I telling you this?

I’ve been there.

In fact, I avoided going to the beach for more than 5 years before this day because I was 41 pounds overweight and too embarrassed to be seen in a bikini. Following conventional, mainstream fat loss advice I attempted to lose belly fat, only to fail miserably every single time.

  • Running
  • Sit ups
  • Crunches
  • Low fat dieting

Nothing worked. I was frustrated and tired of the BS.

By the way, I’m Kate Vidulich, metabolic training expert and highly in-demand New York City personal trainer. I’ve spent years relentlessly researching the latest training methods to figure out the fastest way to get real results…

I discovered an unusual trick to getting flat abs, and I’m going to show you EXACLTY how in just a moment.

You see, it’s one thing to lose 15lbs of weight quickly. But losing 15lbs of fat and getting visibly, defined abs in 21 days takes a special rapid results plan.

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absNow look in the mirror. You can see the “3D effects” of your abs. Can you feel the ridges? Imagine your abs being so defined they “pop”, and even when you wear a t-shirt, you turn heads when walking down the street.

Imagine showing up at your holiday party or family gathering with stunned looks on their faces.

And can you imagine actually looking forward to seeing your friends on New Year’s Eve instead of dreading it because of the weight you gained this year?

Let me warn you. This is NOT a gimmick and it’s certainly not impossible.

It’s real hard work and starts when you decide to go to take action and go to war against the ugly belly fat that’s ruining your life.
But you need fast results, just like my billionaire clients wanted.

Once I discovered this FUN and addictive Accelerator approach, I shared this trick with my executive coaching clients.

The results?

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It wasn’t a magic pill or a “revolutionary new workout gadget”.

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They were having FUN with their workouts and stayed consistent with the program, just like I did. They NEVER did back-breaking crunches or boring cardio. Research even shows this approach does not work. In fact, you’re more likely to get injured.

I’ll show you how to do the same thing on this very page…

So What Exactly is an “Ab Accelerator”?

Ab Accelerators are different. When you combine the BEST ab exercises in a circuit, with brief yet strategic rest periods, you’ll not only get a stronger core but you’ll burn a ton of calories (AND have fun while doing it).

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  • Out of the box abdominal exercises that work your upper body at the same time (like the Cross Spider Plank)
  • Brief recovery periods (just enough to rest and complete the Accelerator)

But the best part?

Once you reach your goal, simply follow the 8 week done-for-you workout guide with the minimum dose of exercise you need to maintain your weight loss.

    And on top of all that: NO rebound weight gain

  • Use the done-for-you 8 week workout program to maintain your amazing results… in as little as 4 minutes per workout. I told you… I’ve cracked the code on the minimum dosage required.
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My Ab Accelerators will attack the fat, strengthen your core, and destroy your love handles at the SAME TIME!

Plus they’ll make you addicted to working out again.

But it’s not for everybody, especially those looking for the latest quick fix, “no workout” solution.

Are you Looking for a magic pill?

Frankly, this is NOT for you. This may sound politically incorrect, but it’s what most people are looking for. Sorry.

But if you’re willing to work REALLY hard for 21 days, then I promise you’ll get those chiseled, sexy abs without ever doing boring cardio or dangerous crunches again.

The workouts are full of unique and effective twists to work your abdominals harder than ever.

You’ll discover out of the box exercises like this:

This move can be found throughout the manual, along with other ab exercises that will hit deeper layers of your abdominal wall unlike crunches that only hit the target the top layer (without destroying your neck and back).

Just like you, these people said “NO” to silly ab exercises and boring cardio:

Busy School Teacher Loses 31 Pounds

Fat Loss Transformation

“Kate’s transformation has been an inspiration to me.

Two months before a big birthday, I called on Kate to help me get back in shape. As a busy school teacher, I am constantly running after children and I was struggling to keep up. When I started working out, I weighed over 73kg. With the help of Kate’s online coaching programs, I lost over 14kg and kept it off. I feel like I’m in better shape now than I ever was in my twenties.

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy working out. I spent so many years doing the same cardio at the gym and I was over it. Kate created a program for me to do in my flat with dumbbells and body weight exercises. I hardly did any cardio and surprisingly lost more fat than ever before. The workouts Kate designed were challenging and tough, but really easy to follow. I found myself looking forward to working out and it didn’t take up all my free time. Kate is really dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Thanks Kate, I feel amazing without ever being deprived of a life.”

P. Andronicos, School Teacher, London, UK

The Workouts Never Get Boring!

“I have been training with Kate for the last two years. Before I worked out with Kate, my trainers had me do the same thing all the time and it got boring and wasn’t fun, too many machines and they never discussed my eating habits with me and I didn’t really have a sense of connection or understanding. Kate mixes it up all the time and keeps it fun.

I look forward to working out and I always come away feeling good about myself and uplifted in spirit. I travel a lot for work and am convinced that my stamina is greatly enhanced by a healthy body. Kate has a sense of humor and the routines we do are varied and fun and I can honestly say I have a good time working out! Kate pushes me to do my personal best, but is careful about preventing injuries, since I have a 30 year old spirit in the body of a 63 year old woman. She motivates me to eat healthily but no guilt if I fall of the wagon… I just get back on. And I never in a million years thought I could do 1,000 jump ropes in 10 minutes!”

Nancy Robey, Entrepreneur, New York

I Can Fit in My Skinny Jeans Again!

“I have been training with Kate for 3 years. We have refined my regime so tightly that there is absolutely no time wasted. I don’t have the time or energy for workouts that don’t produce results.

We begin or end each workout with a metabolic set of full-body accelerators. These sets have become key in changing the shape of my body (and shredding fat). For strength training, we do 4 sets of 8 reps of targeted muscle groups. It’s consistency over time that keeps the results steady. I am thrilled as I can fit into my skinny jeans all the time instead of just on certain days.”

Eleanor, New York, NY

Best Ab Workouts in 20 years!

“Kate is the first trainer I’ve had in 20 years that made my abs sore without doing a single crunch or hurting my back.”

J. Swift, New York, NY

shawna“I love to hate Kate and her Ab Accelerators! I like to add them at the end of my workout or do a few of them on my ‘off’ day. There’s so much variety I never get bored.

As a trainer and coach myself, it’s great to see another trainer that’s passionate about helping clients get results. Her program is very user friendly. Her workouts tighten and tone the entire core with back friendly exercise. Thanks for your seemingly benign routines that have me cursing you Kate!”

Shawna Kaminski – ChallengeWorkouts.com

“Kate these workouts are AWESOME! My clients love these, and they match perfectly with my core training philosophies.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re putting together ab workouts… and these will add some fantastic variety and challenge and FUN to my own and my training client’s workouts.”

Forest Vance
Kettlebell Expert

mikeKate’s unique approach to metabolic complexes is awesome and addictive. Both myself and my readers love her programs and with the NEW AB Accelerators, she’s brought a brand new, but PROVEN strategy to burn fat and improving your core endurance, stability and strength. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this system – the best metabolic complexes I’ve ever seen and smart ab training!

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I trust in Kate to help chisel out my abs and you should too.”

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jasonKate’s “Ab Accelerators” is the next of her impressive Accelerators workout series. Kate knows metabolic resistance training! She has personally taken me through her Accelerator workouts, and what can I say… She rocks it!”

Jason Klein
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I know you are working hard on getting your stomach flat and sexy, but at the same time you don’t want to waste time or getting hurt doing boring ab classes. As you can see, the Ab Accelerators System will get you rapid results in only 21 days.

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kate vidulich

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