Best Bodyweight Arm Exercises Ever

Most people trying to get sculpted and toned arms are making one critical mistake…without even realizing it!

They are simply doing the wrong exercises!

In fact, most people have no idea what to do, and they just assume that you need to do some bicep curls and tricep extensions. Well… today I’ll share with you 2 of my favorite go-to upper body exercises!

Let’s rock and roll…


The push up is one of the best ways to build strength (and definition) in your shoulders, arms, chest and back all at the same time. The reality is that if you have a great push up, you have a strong core!

Some important things to note as you do the push up are:

- Bend your elbows and lower yourself to within one inch of the floor or until your upper arms are even with your shoulder blades
- Keep your body in a straight line during the entire movement, abdominals tight. Push yourself back up and repeat
- Try not to let your hips drop or stick your butt in the air
- Keep your elbows in

Do 3 rounds of 15-25 reps.



I love this move for sculpting your entire upper body. Yes, it’s tough – but you’re hitting multiple muscle groups at the same time. That’s why it so effective for toning your arms and back at the same time.

Simply start by grabbing the bar with your palms facing you. (That way, you’ll work your biceps at the same time.) Now pull yourself up over the bar. For best results remember to keep your glutes tight, your arms locked and squeeze your shoulder blades down and back.

Best part is, you can change your grip to target different muscle groups in your upper body.

Can’t do a chin up? No dramas. Try bodyweight inverted rows or even dumbbell rows.


Just these 2 upper body exercises will reshape your arms and shoulders so you increase your strength all while reducing the risk of you getting injured!

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