Full Body Warm Up Exercises

You already know it’s important to do full body warm up exercises before your workout.

You’ll increase blood flow to your muscles, prevent injury, reduce stiffness and get your body primed for calorie burning.

But what if I told you could get all the benefits from just one move?

Well, you can. :)

Here’s how:

In this video, my awesome buddy Brian Kalakay demonstrates the Crab Crawl with Reach. I’ve been teaching him Australian… so don’t worry… he understands what I’m saying.

If you’re SO busy you have ZERO time to warm up (like my clients), I suggest you try this one warm up exercise before your workout. And you see, 5 minutes of biking or walking on the treadmill for just won’t cut the mustard.

You should do this full body warm up exercise to help:

- Improve your hip mobility and prepare your body for the fun coming up

- Activate your core and glutes

- Warm up your shoulders and improve upper back mobility

- Beat boredom. It’s way more fun than the dreadmill, right?

How many reps, you ask?

Do this full body exercise for 2-3 minutes every morning. And if you’re super tight, do 5-7 minutes.

Now, as you know, the warm up is just the first step to cranking up your fat burning rate.

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How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

Good question! Too much exercise, and you’ll end up destroying your muscle and joints.

If you don’t exercise enough, you’ll bring your fat-burning metabolism to a halt.

Studies show right around 20 minutes is the “sweet spot” for burning fat without getting burned out.

But… most programs FAIL to include strength and a new and improved cardio in one workout…

… until now thanks to this new research:

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Have a great day!

Your Coach,


Kate “KV” Vidulich