I’ve been reading an awesome new book – Wheat Belly (by Dr William Davis). Last night, he made an interesting point that I want to share with you today.

When you look at photos of your grandparents, everyone was much thinner. Only the occasional person was overweight, let alone obese. Most women weighed 110 to 130 lbs and men 150 to 165lbs.

I don’t know the exact numbers because I wasn’t there…

But get this. Back in those days, women NEVER did any exercise. In fact, it was frowned upon for women to workout. Spinning class? Ha. Forget it. From the grandma’s stories, cleaning the house was the closest she got to working out.

So why is everyone 50+ pounds heavier today, despite doing MORE exercise than ever before?

Wheat + the wrong cardio = FAT

I’ll save the “wheat makes you fat” debate for another day.

But I have read numerous research studies proving cardio is making everyone FATTER. That’s why people look the exact same after 12 weeks on a boring cardio program.

Here’s a recent study to prove it:

A 2012 research study from the European Journal of Applied Physiology tested two groups of males; one group participating in long 45-90 minute cardio and one group participating in FAST, SPECIFIC resistance and cardio intervals.

Results: The group that participated in short, higher intensity cardio-resistance workouts achieved exponentially greater results, in less time.

(European Journal of Applied Physiology. Vol. 112 (5). May 2012. 1907-1915).

My good buddy and bodyweight training expert Jason Klein literally stumbled upon this insanely effective method to gaining lean, athletic muscle and incinerating fat while training Marines!

Yes, this NEW bodyweight workout will take you less than 15 minutes

Superset Resistance and Cardio, and complete for time.
Note: If you form gets sloppy, make sure you take a time out. There are NO prizes for the fastest time.

All sets are 25 Repetitions:
1. Air Squats
2. Triple Flexion
3. Iso-Ab Pushup
4 Triple Flexion
5. Cross Iso-Climber, Right
6. Triple Flexion
7. Cross Iso-Climber, Left
8. Triple Flexion
9. Walking Prone Iso-ab
10. Triple Flexion
11. Wall Sit with Alt. Leg Extensions
12. Triple Flexion

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