3 Biggest Burpees Mistakes to AVOID

If you want to get in shape quickly, then you should be doing some variation of the burpee exercise.


It’s a GREAT bodyweight move for fat loss. After all… it’s one of the only zero equipment moves that works your entire body in less than 3 seconds… and you’ll fire up your fat burning metabolism!

However if you’re doing burpees with bad form… then you’ll end up with an injury faster than you can say… “She’ll be right mate”

That’s why in today’s video, I’ll show you exactly how to AVOID the top 3 mistakes with burpees. Check it out here…

3 Biggest Burpees Mistakes to AVOID

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Yes, you can do burpees safely and get the maximum fat burning potential – no matter what your age or fitness level. And maybe you’ll even enjoy this exercise ;)

Have an awesome day!

Your Coach,