How long can you hold a side plank?

30 seconds? 2 minutes?

(or perhaps you’re wondering… “what’s a side plank?” Don’t worry mum, I got you covered)

If you can hold a 30-60 second side plank without any dramas, it’s time to change it up. You need to add variations that are both challenging and fun. And that doesn’t necessarily mean holding it for longer.

Here are the variations, starting with an easier progression and becoming more difficult.

1. Side Plank Hip Dips

2. Side Plank Reach and Raise

3. Side Plank Super Star

But why should you do side planks anyway?

While it works your entire core, this move targets an often weak muscle called the quadratus lumborum (in your lower back).

The benefits? You will:

- Reduce your risk for lower back problems

- Become a better athlete

- Look better than ever!

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