What is the Best Time of Day To Exercise To Lose Weight?

As you all know, there’s a LOT of contradictory advice in the fitness industry. And there’s always chatter about “the best time of day to exercise for fat loss”…

…so I’ll answer this question today so you have one less thing to worry about!

exercise best time of day

Q: “I know they say to exercise whenever you can fit it into your schedule, but when is it really the best time to workout for best results? Day, night, afternoon?” – Kim F. the cool cat

KV: Great question Kim!

You’re right, it’s best to exercise when you can fit it into your schedule. There’s no evidence showing you can burn more calories at a certain time of day… but the time of day can influence how you FEEL when working out.

Morning: If you struggle with consistency, first thing in the morning is the best time for you. Just make sure you give yourself extra warm up time, since your body temp is lower in the morning. And be EXTREMELY careful with your back.

During the day: Lunch time or early afternoon is better if you find yourself fighting the early mornings.

Plus, at these times of day, your glycogen stores are full of energy. Depending on your eating schedule, this means your body is probably primed for peak exercise in the late morning, afternoon, or early evening.

You can push yourself harder and move faster if you begin your workout with a full tank of muscle glycogen. Just make sure you give yourself at least 90 minutes after a full meal to digest before you exercise.

Night: Unless this is the only time of day you can workout – it’s best to avoid it. Exercise raises your body temp and heart rate, which is not so great if you’re about to hit the hay.

Most people have a hard time getting to sleep after a workout because exercise can throw off your melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep.

Bottom line: As long as you’re rocking smart workouts and following a program like Bodyweight Cardio 500 plus staying active daily, you’re on the right track.

Experiment and try working out at different times of the day. But consistently exercising is more important than worrying about the time of day. Get it done!

That’s it for now.

I’m going to watch Star Wars for the first time EVER!

Wish me luck :)

Enjoy your day!


Kate Vidulich