How Long To Plank For Flat Stomach

Fun fact of the day:

Did you know Mao Weidong held a plank for 8 hours and 1 minute to claim the world record?

Think I’m kidding?

Go on, Google it. (I’ll wait)

So let’s be honest…

This is insane!

The fact of the matter is this:

Extreme exercise (like hours of planking) is waste of time if you’re trying to sculpt a lean, flat stomach or even six pack abs. However…

The good news is you don’t need to be planking until you turn blue in the face…

(unless of course your life goal is to win the Planking Contest at the office lol)

How long should you really hold a plank for?

I set up a benchmark “plank time” to determine when my clients can progress to a more challenging variation:

==> 90 seconds.

Everyone must pass this core endurance test before doing any fancy abs moves.


Because if you can hold a plank with good form for 90 seconds (and without swearing at me lol)… then you have good core endurance to progress to a more challenging exercise. And going any longer is simply wasting your workout time.

After all, exercise progression is how you get faster results (and avoid hitting a plateau) without doing MORE exercise or spending more time at the gym.

You need to know the RIGHT ab exercises to do in the RIGHT order to sculpt and tone your abs.

With the RIGHT progressions.

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Enjoy your day!

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