How To Tone Up The Back of Your Arms

So you want to get rid of your “Bingo Wings”?

You’ve come to the right place. I can help you with that! ;)

These 3 bodyweight workout moves are designed to sculpt rock star arms and shoulders fast…No matter what your age or current fitness level!

Forget silly tricep pushbacks and other old school isolated exercises. No weights required here.

Here’s something interesting…

If you were to just take one single skinfold measurement (which is how you determine body fat percentage) – it’s the tricep site on the back of your arms.


Men and women hold the most fat (in ratio to muscle) on the back of their arms.

But we’re going to change that… starting right now.

Now before we go any further, because I definitely don’t want you to get the wrong idea…

You can’t simply spot reduce the fat from the back of your arms. Meaning that by only doing these exercises, you’ll get rid of the fat there. You need to reduce your overall total body fat by modifying your diet and using fat burning workouts (like this one).

But don’t lose all hope.

You can tone the muscle in the back of your arms, so they’re firm, tight and look awesome in sleeveless shirts.

Here are 3 bodyweight exercises you can use to tone the back of your arms.

How To Tone Up The Back of Your Arms

#1: Close Grip Push Up

Many women struggle to do full push ups… and this variation is even harder!

Why is the exercise better than regular push ups for targeting the back of your arms?

A recent study from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse revealed this is #1 arm exercise that produces the most muscle activity – and will get you the most bang for your buck.

You see, if you keep your elbows closely tucked into your side, you’re targeting the muscles in the back of your arms.

Can’t do a full push up?

No dramas!

You can do an incline close grip push up, by elevating your hands onto a bench or sofa. Or even a wall if you’re a beginner.

The most important thing to keep in mind is this…

Keep your elbows tucked into your sides. As close as you can. You should feel it in the back of your arms. And yes, it’s hard. I’m not pulling your leg! ;)

#2: Bodyweight Dips with Parallel Bars

You’ve probably seen “dips” on the most hated exercise list from most fitness experts.

But that’s just one particular variation… and the one most people… which is dangerous for your shoulder.

When your hands are rotated and fingers facing forward, it puts stress on your shoulders. That’s why so many fit pros hate on it.


If you change the hand position, so your palms face your midline… you’re instantly putting less stress on the shoulder joint – and still getting a serious burn in the back of you arms.

It’s a win win. :)

TIP: Keep your elbows tucked in. Try not to let them flare out to the sides as that will place more stress on the ligaments in your shoulder – instead of the muscle.

To make it easier, you can bend your knees. Make sure you lift your toes off the ground and dig your heels in.

NOTE: If you don’t have access to equipment, you can place a chair (a sturdy one) on either side of you instead. You’ll get the same benefits :)

#3: Diamond Press Ups

I’ve saved the BEST for last here.

This might look simple… but it’s one of the best bodyweight exercises for toning the back of your arms.

And the best part? Anyone can do this – no matter what your current fitness level.

TIP: Don’t fully extend your elbows and lock them out, since it will reduce muscle tension.

The idea is to continually build tension in the muscle, so you’ll be doing 15-20 reps each set.

Did you say ouch? ;)

Here’s a workout you can try

So you’re probably wondering… how many reps/sets should I do this each exercise?

Great question!

You can try 2 different workout styles. Make sure you give yourself a day off between workouts.

Here’s the plan:

Workout 1: Do the following circuit…

(A) Close Grip Push Up x 10-12 reps

- Rest 10s

(B) Bodyweight Dips with Parallel Bars x 10-12 reps

- Rest 10s

(C) Diamond Press Ups x 15-20 reps

- Rest 60s

If your form is getting slack, please take a longer rest between sets. No point doing an exercise with terrible technique.

Workout 2: Timed sets

Do 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest of each exercise.

Do 3-4 rounds total.

Got it?


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Kate Vidulich
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