One of the most frequently asked questions that comes across my desk is people asking what exercise can replace the burpee…

…After all, not everyone is in love with burpees – right mum? ;)

Or maybe you’re just like Wayne, a cool cat who sent in this question…

“I have arthritic hips and burpees are sometimes difficult (painful). What exercise(s) can you recommend to replace the burpee? Thanks for your help.” – Wayne

Safety comes FIRST in every workout. And if you can’t do a specific exercise with perfect form, you need to substitute it.

You can replace the burpee with any of the following exercises. All of these are total body conditioning moves that target your abs without damaging your joints.


Here are the 3 options you can try:

#1: Walkouts

The hand walk out to plank is a totally underrated exercise, and the best bodyweight replacement for the burpee.

It teaches your abs and lower-back muscles to play nicely together, and also develops strength and stability in the shoulders while creating a “metabolic disturbance” like no other.

This exercise is highly effective because it creates a “metabolic flush” meaning the blood is shunted from your legs, to your upper body and back to your legs again in quick succession.

Check it out below… Do not underestimate this one.


#2: Total Body Extension

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

When I first came across this exercise from Craig Ballantyne, I laughed and said, “Seriously? What is this silly exercise…?”

Well, I wasn’t laughing a few minutes later…

The truth is, this is one of the best non-impact bodyweight conditioning exercises ever created. You can even do one this mum. No excuses, OK?

Here’s how:
- Start in the standing position as if you were going to do a bodyweight squat
- Dip down quickly into a quarter squat and swing your arms behind you by your sides
- Explode up and extend your body onto your toes, raising your arms overhead
- Control the descent back and in one movement, return to the dip before exploding up again


Fun times all round. And honestly, if your heart is not racing after 30 seconds, you need to pick up the pace!

#3: DB Thrusters

You know this one already…

You can count on this total body exercise to boost your power and torch calories at the same time, while targeting your legs, hips, shoulders and core.

This “metabolic disturbance” will boost your afterburn so you continue burning calories until 2020. Lolzzzz…

But I catch people doing this wrong all the time. Here’s a tip when doing DB or barbell thrusters:
(i) Hold the weight in front of your shoulders, with elbows bent.
(ii) Take 2 seconds to lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
(iii) Push back up, press the dumbbells overhead until your arms are straight.
(iv) Lower the dumbbells shoulder height as you immediately descend into the squat for the next rep.

DB Thruster

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