This ONE Move Gives You Side Abs

If you’re looking to sculpt definition in your side abs (and hey, who isn’t?)… then it’s a good thing you’re here :)

Because today, I’m going to share my go-to and all time favorite move that will target your side abs, shoulders and butt all a simple 30-second bodyweight exercise you can do right now.

It’s the Side plank with hip dip

OK. Ready to try it?

Here’s exactly how to do the side plank with hip dip:

Why is this move so effective?

It forces your shoulders, side abs and hips to play nicely together, so you can move more efficiently and safely sculpt lean definition. Plus, it’s a great exercise to strengthen your core and the muscles that help to stabilize your torso, so you prevent back injuries. (boomshackalacka!)

That’s why the side plank and all it’s wonderfully fun variations will rock your world.

Note: If you’re a beginner, start out with the basic side plank. Make sure you can hold each side for at least 30 seconds before you add the hip dip. Why? Because you need a solid foundation of support. No point trying to get all fancy when you can’t do the basics. You’ll just end up doing it wrong, and then no one wins.

“KV, I’m struggling with the side plank. It’s too hard for me! Do you have a video demo showing how to make side plank easier? By the way, I love your accent and can’t get enough of it!”

Why thank you for the compliment, imaginary person. I do in fact have a new video… Here’s one I whipped up earlier, just for you.

Check this out:

How To Make Side Plank Easier

Now let’s discuss something very important.

Some male fitness “experts” frown upon training your obliques and side abs, and claim you should avoid working this muscle group for fear it will make your torso look “too wide”.


Is there any truth to that?

Possibly. IF your goal is to compete in a bodybuilding contest.

However, I don’t think it’s wise to skip training your obliques.

Reason why is simple:

You need strong obliques to stabilize your core and generate power to rotate your torso! And…

If you have general lower back pain… a lot of the time the issue comes from your obliques not activating and firing correctly (yep, I’m talking about those side abs muscles again that stabilize your core).

That’s why it’s essential to include THIS exercise in your routine!

Now here’s the good news…

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Kate Vidulich

Exercise Physiologist