We spend most of the day sitting on our backsides… Plus we’re short on time to workout. I really notice this when I’m traveling and attend business meetings.

This combination is simply bad news for your waistline.

I like to think any chance you get to workout is better than nothing. Here’s 15 unexpected ways to sneak in a workout during your day:

At the Office

1. Elevator is Out of Action

Consider the elevator at the office is permanently out so you have to walk the stairs everyday. You can even put an “Out of Order” sign on it and get everyone taking the stairs.

2. Frequent Bathroom Breaks

Walk to the bathroom furthest away – and drink tons of water so you need to go every hour. I’m sure your boss won’t mind…

3. One minute Bodyweight Moves

When you get back from the bathroom every hour, do 30s squats and 30s push ups before sitting down again. Who cares if your colleagues think you’ve lost your mind?!

4. Walk and Talk

Instead of taking conference calls and lazing back, get up off your butt. Make walking meetings (like the West Wing) and get outside for fresh air.

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On The Go

5. Walk it Off

Take the long way and walk or bike home. Just don’t go via the pub. Or the bakery. #PartyPooperAlert

6. Shopping Fun

Go grocery shopping and carry a basket filled to the brim through every aisle. Do a few laps around the perimeter before you check out. To add more fun, carry a small child in your other arm.

7. Live the High Life

Move into the fifth floor (or higher) of an apartment building with no elevator. Yeah, that’s a lot of stairs you have to climb everyday.

Home Improvements

8. Moving house

Save dollars on a removalist and get your strongman on… Offer to help your friends move and you’ll be the coolest pal ever!

9. Home renovations

Who needs a handy man when you can do it yourself?

10. Cleaning Machine

Clean the house from top to bottom. Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors. Want to make it even more fun? Time yourself. Then come over to my house and try to beat your previous time. ;)

11. Laundry

Carrying a ton of wet laundry up and down the stairs… and then hanging it on a clothes line is not so easy…

12. Old Fashioned Lawn Mowing

Remember the original lawn mower? Mowing the lawn was one of my chores as a kid. Fortunately we didn’t have too much grass… It takes solid hard yakka to maneuver the push lawn mower – a great sneaky workout!

Fun Times

13. Children playtime

Need I say more?

14. Jack it Out

Instead of laying passed out on the couch and being tempted to eat junk, do jumping jacks between the commercials of your favorite TV program. Two minute intervals of intense burst cardio will do the trick.

15. Go Clubbing

Get out on the dance floor. Dancing for hours with your friends is a super fun way to burn a ton of calories. Obviously, vodka fueled dancing is different… but still fun ;)


Daily movement is an opportunity, and not something we should take for granted. While you may not have time for an official workout, these sneaky tricks will help to get you moving during the day.

What’s your favorite way to get in a sneaky workout? Let me know in the comments box below the post.

Get moving today!