I’m in downtown Lapeer, Michigian for the weekend with my buddies Shawna Kaminski and Brian Kalakay, filming workout videos for the Fat Loss Accelerators follow along program. I’ll keep you posted on when they’ll be released…

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But I almost didn’t make it here.

You see, on Thursday afternoon my flight was delayed by almost 3 hours, which meant I had already missed my connecting flight when I got to Detroit. And there were no flights leaving until the following morning, which was far too late to get all our filming done.

Ah bugger. The joys of travel.

(Note to self: NEVER fly out of NYC on a Summer’s afternoon. One word – thunderstorms.)

Fortunately, the Canadian businessman sitting next to me on the plane was missing the same connection, and mentioned to me he was hiring a car and driving to Flint anyway, and offered me a ride. (Don’t worry, he gave me his business card and I Googled him first). Sure, it was totally random, but I had no other choice. Turns out he was a high level executive at a huge company, Gold Club Hertz member and all round cool guy.

What a random adventure!

Now, you know we’re filming tons of workouts this weekend…

Crunches are a waste of time for getting flat, sexy abs. But what are the toughest ab exercises for fast results?

Here’s the 3 tough ab exercises you should totally do (I’ll be getting Brian and Shawna K to do these this arvo):

1. Ab Wheel Rollout
2. Rotating Planks
3. Cross Spider Planks

Try these variations and let let me know how it goes in the comments box below!

Have an awesome weekend,