3 BEST Ab Exercises For A Flat Stomach

Hey! It’s KV here…

If you’re looking to flatten your stomach and tone your abs (and hey, who isn’t?), then it’s awesome you’re here!

Today, I’m going to share my 3 BEST bodyweight ab exercises for a flat stomach! You don’t need any equipment… so there’s no excuse not to try it ;)

OK. Ready to rock this?

Here’s my 3 BEST Ab Exercises for a flat stomach

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Here are the exercises I’ll show you…

- Inchworms

- Leg raises with a Hip Lift

- Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Want to get abs in 2018?

Awesome! I can help you with that.

Fact of the matter is this:

Getting abs is not about doing hundreds of crunches, sit ups, or even long cardio workouts.

It’s all about consistently doing the right exercises in the right order at the right intensity.

And yes, your diet must be on point.

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Kate Vidulich