Are you tough enough to get fast fat loss results?

A few days ago, I woke up planning to do this awesome and completely insane fat loss workout (you’ll find it below).

However, Monday morning as my foot hit the floor, my plans completely changed. The previous day was a rough one, training wise. The NYC marathon is only 17 days away so I spent Sunday getting in my final long run in before the taper.

I had the best intentions to kick butt – so I very enthusiastically (which also translates to “way too quickly”), ran 7 miles to the start of a half marathon race. What was I thinking?!

Grete's Great Gallop

Splattered in Central Park

Massive fail.

Basically, I destroyed myself running. And I completely bonked.

Some days, your workout (and life) doesn’t go to plan.

We all make silly little mistakes. Myself included. (I am not superhuman, in fact far from it). But when things don’t work out as you hoped, you are faced with two options:

1. Quit

2. Get Tough

Listen, quitting is never an option in my world. I hate quitters. This is ultimately what separates success from failure.

So really, getting tough is the choice. On these dark days, the only thing that gets you across the finish line to your goal is your mindset. Draw energy from the positives. Even if there’s only one, which is finishing.

But the big message here is this:

You need a strong mind to train hard

There is nothing more awesome than an intense workout to get a bump out of the slump. You know, I used to religiously take naps around 2 or 3pm when I felt lousy, thanks to all the sugar I stuffed myself with – until I discovered the power of a fast, uplifting workout.

The workout below is the perfect way to burn fat, without slowly destroying yourself (like I did on Sunday).

But I’m warning you, it is intense. The choice is yours.

So, ready to tackle today’s totally insane fat loss workout?

Warm up

Foam rolling – especially calves and glutes. Hold any painful spots for 20-30 seconds until the pain dissipates.

Dynamic moves – seriously, 5 minute treadmill/elliptical warm ups are dead. Try this instead:

- Glute Bridge x 20 reps
- 4-way Hip Flexor/Lat stretch x 2 each side (15s each phase)
- Squat to Stand (arms in Y position) x 8 reps
- Core Rotations x 8 reps
- Bird/Dog Plank x 8 (each side)

Main workout

Round 1:

Do each bodyweight exercise in order for 60 seconds, don’t rest between exercises. Set your timer for 10 rounds.

- Walk out to push up
- Overhead squats
- Cross body mountain climbers
- Prisoner reverse lunges
- Jump rope

Rest for 30 seconds…Go through this circuit twice in total.

Round 2:

Do each exercise in order for 60 seconds, then rest for 8 seconds (yeah, weird and brutal). Set your timer for 18 rounds.

- Low Box Jumps
- Spiderman Push Ups
- Bulgarian split squat (30s each leg, pause 3 seconds at the bottom)
- Burpee Chin Ups
- Jump Squats
- Plank Jacks

Rest for 30 seconds…Repeat the circuit 3 times in total.

Celebrate. If you kicked this workout’s butt, share it with your tough friends!

Bonus Time Saver Workout Trick:

When you are literally racing the clock to fit in your workout, timed sets are your best choice. By this I mean you set your timing device for 45-50s work and do as many reps as you can, take a short rest (10-15s) and then repeat for as many minutes as you can handle.

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Train hard and have an awesome day!